Olivier Goudineau

  • Smiling founder and CEO
  • Industry CEO & MD
  • Food industry - 28 years in 11 different countries

Held positions in Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Commercial Direction, Managing Director, and CEO Experience in large multinational, Joint-venture, family-owned companies and private equity English, French and Italian

“Today coaching, mentoring, and advising are mostly reserved to a few well-off CEOs and MDs. I hope to change that.”

You can read an interview of Olivier talking about food microconsulting here

The “team”

We draw specialist resources from our large network in the food industry

When a client requires some generalist advice (strategy, business development, organisation for instance) we manage it with our existing resources. When a specific demand comes, we draw from our large network of food industry consultants.

We can find any specialist within a week maximum, often in a couple of days.

This allows us to always have the best possible resources for any mission.

Bringing Resources

You have built your business on a good idea and hard work. You have developed it mostly on your own. You know your business inside out so it is difficult for you to find efficient help. You are not sure that you could find or afford the right people to help grow your business. You feel that you need more resources to move to the next stage but do not know how to find such resources.
We have just described the situation in which most of our clients are. We created food microconsulting to cater for yours need. Our food industry consultants are available to help.

A hands-on pragmatic approach

food microconsulting is hands-on food industry consulting. We understand food businesses inside out because we have been there.
Olivier, our founder, has worked in multinational and family-owned businesses in 11 countries. He started as an engineer and went up the ladder to MD/CEO roles. He created food microconsulting to pass some of his pragmatic and valuable experience to food SMEs.
At food microconsulting our food industry consultants bring “actionable” knowledge to your company.

Efficiency first

We do not care whether what we do is consulting, mentoring, or coaching if it makes you and your business more efficient.
You want food industry consultants to help you improve and develop your business, not give you theoretical lessons. We chose to put efficiency as our most valued principle. We are result-oriented, not process oriented.
Do not count on us to have complex contracts or produce long and intricate reports. Our exchanges are the base of our consultation.

Your time is precious, we adapt

We know that you have little time. We interact with you the way that is most convenient to you. We optimise our consulting by mostly communicating through emails or messages. You write them when you have time, we answer fast with suggestions that are very pragmatic and direct.
You want some help now, not in 2 weeks’ time. At food microconsulting our food industry consultants can start working with you the very same day that you contact us.

You set the fees, there is no long-term engagement

Here is the good news. You will pay what you think the advice is worth. What do we mean by this? It is simple: we will ask you, in all fairness, what you think this service is worth to you. And if accepted (9 times out of 10 the price you propose is fair and we accept it) it will become our consultation price. Our consultancy then respects the limits of available funds. We are very experienced in concentrating the effort (and consequently the cost) where it matters i.e. the core issue(s).
We believe in efficiency. Our food industry consultants need to bring continuous added value to your business. The best way to ensure that is to have no long-term commitment on either side. You may stop working with us anytime. No reason required. Your level of satisfaction is our only success factor.

A flexible service

Every company is different, every owner has a specific background. Our food industry consultants will adapt to your needs and your background.
We can help you on any general subject you decide (we do not provide expert advice on technical matters, though we may try to put you in contact with the relevant experts) and will take your situation in consideration when accompanying you.

In food microconsulting you have a hands-on pragmatic partner focused on improving your business. It is simple, fast, and affordable. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.